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  • Baltic Amber Children's Bracelet - Hazelwood Rainbow

Baltic Amber Children's Bracelet - Hazelwood Rainbow

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5.5" Hazelwood Rainbow and screw clasp.

Baltic Amber when worn can reduce pain and inflammation. For Children it helps with teething, drooling, Red Cheeks, fever, colic, reflux, and eczema. For adults, it helps relieve body aches, sciatic pain, migraines, arthritis and carpel tunnel. 

A fossilized tree resin, Baltic Amber is found close to the Baltic Sea. When worn, it warms with your skin and releases a microscopic oil of succinic acid, which acts as a natural ibuprofen.

Hazelwood Necklaces - Helps with GUT issues such as GERD, colic, acid reflux, heartburn, and eczema.

Turquoise - for purification and detoxification; Asthma and allergies

Blue Lapis Lazuli - for stress, anxiety, and ADHD

Amethyst - relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings.

Pink Rose Quarts - helps ease lose, calm stress, helps build confidence, quells anger.

Red agate - helps calm emotions, clenses lymphatic system and pancreas.

Green Jasper - added energy

For best results wear on a regular basis. To clean, rub stones with warm water and set in sun to dry.

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